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usb a micro usb cavo estensibile per Samsung Galaxy Nota4 / s4 / s3 / Huawei / lenovo (nero)

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Tipologie:Cavi; Porta:Micro-USB 2.0,USB 2.0; Funzione:Retrattile; Colore:Nero...
Accessori cellulari,Accessori universali per cellulare,Cavi e adattatori

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Tags: chargers & docks, cheap chargers & docks, caricabatterie rete muro originale for samsung galaxy s5 i9600 + cavo micro usb 3.0 Buy in Fort Worth, Columbia, Arlington, Louisville, Bakersfield.

usb a micro usb cavo estensibile per Samsung Galaxy Nota4 / s4 / s3 / Huawei / lenovo (nero)

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